Body Language Tips That Can Help Your Poker Game

Body Language Tips That Can Help Your Poker Game

Body Language Tips That Can Help Your Poker Game

Live Poker is full of antics. It is the antics that have truly popularized the game. The unpredictable nature of the game, the suspense and the anxiety; the fear, the pent up thrills, and worries. One of the ways through which you are likely to win or even lose your poker game is how you employ body language in the game. Most tell on poker are influenced by the player’s body language.

Indeed, apart from just the body movement and reaction on the face, there is a whole world that you can learn from how and what someone speaks during the game. Unfortunately, experienced players keep off the talking bit, especially in the course of the game. Yet you still need to pick the cues, particularly when the stakes are high. Thus, learning how to pick the cues from one’s body reaction and movement or even lack of it is a key aspect of becoming a true poker guru.


Body Language Tips That Can Help Your Poker Game
Body Language Tips That Can Help Your Poker Game

Body Language versus Speech

While talking is relatively easier to provoke, body language is by far subtler. You need to learn to keep a keen eye on movements that are triggered by the inner feelings of the player. Movement is trickier to interpret because it easily leads to the subjective interpretation of meaning.

Beware, you are also likely to read the meaning wrongly. Even then, poker masters are known to have gathered the tips and tricks over time and have inched closer to almost pinpoint accuracy in poker. Therefore, if you are just starting, there is a great chance that soon, you will be just as good.

The Body Language Signs To Look Out For In Poker

While the span and scope of body language are almost limitless and are often influenced by culture, there are some common and, indeed, there are universal body movements that truly cut across, even in poker. In poker, there are those body signs that show just before a hand gets overly involved in the game. These are referred to as pre-flop.

You will also experience post-flop action or what goes as First Street in poker language proper. Another set of body language signs are usually displayed during the depth of the game. When, for example, you see a player starting to squirm, there is a chance that they have taken a big risk. This also happens when a player is faced with the need to make an important decision that will affect the flow of the game. This means that you can call their bet using their body language. Note that they may also do it to trick you.

The Pre-Flop

While pre-flop involves a lot of antics and may seem meaningless at first, it comes to call when you least expect. Take note of the players that are acting just to present an exaggerated strong stance.

The end goal of a shrewd player that I know you hope to be is to gather all you can and compile a working narrative about a player, and the game at hand. Take note of irregular patterns. For instance, some will display very strong pre-flop signs and wane, down the line. The converse is also common.

The point is that you should piece up the randomness and form a true story. For starters, the players who seem to wander at the beginning and seem to stay focused as the game progresses should jolt you from your slumber. Beware, such players are usually stealthy felines. They strike will you least expect. There are also post-flop signs that you need to keenly study. Keep it with us for the best body language tips that can help your poker game.


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