Why Can’t I Win Money From Online Poker

Why Can’t I Win Money From Online Poker

Why Can’t I Win Money From Online Poker

If you stayed long enough in the online gaming scene, you will find that there are highs and lows. No one can every day, and no one can stay a loser forever, or can they? So you are having a bad day, the slot games are not giving you what you wish for, and you keep getting bad hands at online poker. You will start to ask yourself: why can’t I win money from online poker? Online poker is certainly not rigged, so is it just that your luck is exceptionally bad? Let us assure you that it is not. Here are you few reasons that may or may not explain why do you always find yourself on the losing side.


Why Can’t I Win Money From Online Poker
Why Can’t I Win Money From Online Poker

You simply have not played enough hands

Listen, poker is equal to all players, luck is but a superstition. The probability for all players to receive either a good hand or a bad hand is the same; you can choose to believe it or not, but facts are facts, and facts are backed with applied mathematics. Ever heard of variance? How many hands have you played so far? 10, 100, 1000? How much sample size do you have? Even if you keep a record of all the hands you have received so far in your lifetime, we assure you, it will plot out a bell curve. We call it normal distribution, look it up. Trust us, luck is not messing with you, it is just that your vision, for now, is too narrow.

You don’t use bankroll management

You can’t just barge into a poker game without careful planning, especially on matters concerning your budget. This is called bankroll management, a planning skill to keep you from burning all of your money to a series of bad hands. If you have to plan, be sure to stick with it, do not get caught in the moment and abandoned what you had carefully set up before a plan, discipline is required.

You are probably multi-tabling

Contrary to popular belief, poker is not a game based on luck alone. If you play long enough, you should know this. Poker is a game that requires focus, you are expected to excel in mind games, and trick your opponents into submission. By multitasking, you are splitting up your focus into multiple games, this puts you at a severe disadvantage compared to other players who are playing against you and you alone.

You bluff too often.

Ask any veteran poker player and they would tell you, you do not bluff when it is not necessary. Bluffing too often renders your gameplay strategy if there is any, to begin with, easy to call out. Poker can become extremely easy to play if you master the skills of disguise; in an advanced game of poker, you want to disguise yourself with naive honesty to trick your opponents.

So, did you find our guide helpful? If you have any feedback regarding the tricks listed above, be sure to let us know!


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