Why Is Online Poker Better Than Live Poker?

Why is online poker better than live poker?

Why Is Online Poker Better Than Live Poker?

The internet has brought many new and exciting things into our daily lives, and one of them is a new way to play poker. Online poker has been a trending topic ever since it was introduced to the public. The popularity of this magnitude does not come without reason – it’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s addictive. All in all, it is a whole new different experience. If you’re still stuck with dealing cards on a table, chances are you have never tried to play online before. Here are the reasons why online poker will forever be better than live poker.


Why Is Online Poker Better Than Live Poker?
Why Is Online Poker Better Than Live Poker?


The top advantage that online poker has over live poker is, of course, it’s the ease of access. Whether you’re on your bed, having a meal outdoors, at the shopping mall with your partner that’s boring you, it does not matter, you can play it anytime, anywhere. There is no set-up required, anything that has an online connection will do, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. This is because online poker is a simple game that does not require a lot of computing power or internet speed. If you do not wish to download any applications, simply launching a browser will do. Transactions are also no hassle when it’s done online since everything is automated. Everything you have to do, you can do it with the flick of a finger.


Hundreds and hundreds of online poker services are available online. There’s playwsop, pokerstars and of course, SCR888 which is an app available for download in IOS or Google Play store. The variety is not only limited to app choices, inside the app, there is an unlimited amount of poker rooms that feature different game modes for you to choose, allowing the player to switch from Chinese poker to Texas Hold ‘em with only the push of a button. What’s more, with more than one mobile device, you are allowed to play on multiple tables at once, if you’re up to it of course. All the rooms are regulated and presented in an orderly fashion, so the only troublesome part here is choosing what to play!


The flexibility of online poker mostly stems from its accessibility, since playing online means not having to step foot into a casino. Any person who had ever been into a casino usually has two complaints: the strict dress code, and the noise pollution. The sheer number of slot machines in one hallway, each emitting its own unique soundtrack to draw attention, just imagining it is already enough to induce a mild migraine. Well, guess what? You don’t have to deal with any of those when you’re playing poker in the comforts of your own home. You are allowed to play your own music, wear pyjamas, sit back with a coffee in one hand, a tablet in the other and gamble away. No queues either, with a stable enough internet connection, joining a room would take less than five minutes.


For those that are not looking for a challenge and just wants a relaxing time, this is good news. Playing poker online is generally considered to be easier than live poker. Here’s why: there is no telling. Everyone shares the same online anonymity online, so no one in the same room can be identified. You’ve probably already figured it out by now, playing online means no one can see your face, so there’s a whole dimension stripped away from the game, thus making the game a whole lot easier to play. Some would see this as a disadvantage, but for players that tend to be more “expressive”, they can finally put to rest the struggle to keep a poker face on and breathe a sigh of relief.

So there you have it, no more dressing up all fancy and wasting money on expensive cocktails at the casino. Pick up your phone and try playing it today, but be careful though, you just might get addicted to it.