The Ten Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘em Poker

The Ten Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘em Poker

The Ten Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘em Poker


Texas Hold ‘em poker is known to be an interesting, tricky and mind-boggling game that is widely known as the best variation of the traditional poker game. If you are new to this game, it is very important to get the best hands and be fully aware of what can beat what. This will help to get you in great shape and give you an amazing kick start. It is also very important to be familiar with the terminologies, rules, and nicknames of the cards before you properly start playing it. What are the best starting hands? This may vary from person to person as it is depended on the level of skill and the style of playing. Listed below are the ten best starting hands that the authentic resources have consensus on.


The Ten Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘em Poker
The Ten Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Best Starting Hands

1)  Ace-Ace

This is popularly known as American Airlines, bullets, and pocket rockets. It is the best starting hand and could help you win way more than any other hand.

2)  King-King

This is the second-best and one of the strongest hands that could help you win and get a big amount of change.

3)  Queen-Queen

This can be the third best hand. Two queens or ladies will surely give you an upper hand on a lot of cards including jacks and the cards below but you can be easily beaten by aces and kings.

4)  Ace-King

This is a strong hand but extremely tricky at the same time. You need to work with it very carefully to pay it off. When all the cards are of a similar suit it is usually stronger than when the card is unsuited as it is easier to flush and create the nut.

5)  Jack-Jack

Two jacks can give you approximately a twenty per cent win. It is important to check if your flop displays queen, king, or an ace because if these are not there then you are most likely to sail smoothly.

6)  Ace-Queen

This can be regarded as the second-best hand for drawing after Ace-King. It can give you a 20% win if it is suited.

7)  King-Queen

This is also one the most amazing drawing hand but it can be dangerous if the suited ace falls on the board.

8)  Ace-Jack

This is also an amazing drawing hand. It is better if it is suited however, unsuited is also good enough to play.

9)  King-Jack

This is also a good hand to play especially in the later positions but it can easily be beaten by the hands that have been mentioned above. According to the statistics, it can only help you win nineteen per cent of the time or even less provided that it is suited. However, the rate may drop to fifteen per cent if the cards are not suited.

10)  Ace-Ten

It is placed at the bottom of the list but it is still a good hand since you have the ace and if J Q falls on the board then you are good to go.


The list above can help you start the game in good shape as these hands are considered to be the best by most of the trusted and authentic resources.


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