Calculating Poker Equity

Calculating Poker Equity

Calculating Poker Equity

Calculating poker equity remains vital for professional players. It is an important skill that will help them maintain a large bankroll and decide whether to fold in order to protect their bankroll.


Poker equity is the proper way of stating how much a person will win. It gives players an amount that they will win if they win. It is how much of the money will be theirs, in laymen’s terms.


Calculating Poker Equity
Calculating Poker Equity

Why is Equity Important?

It is essential for competitive players. This can help a professional player get ahead in the game. If a player knows that they have an exceptional hand, they will know that the odds are in their favour and will bet accordingly. At the same time, players that know they are not likely to win can also bet accordingly. This helps players maximize their earnings and keep their losses to a minimum.

Calculating Equity

Calculating it is the part that most players find difficult. With practice, many players can look at their hand and determine their equity almost immediately. This can be achieved through attempting to find equity in every hand. Practice makes perfect.


Most beginners use a method to either determine their equity or double-check their own calculations. A good practice is to start looking up your hand on a chart and then attempt to determine it yourself. While attempting it yourself, make sure to double-check with a chart for accuracy. A great website that offers charts can be found here.


Specific calculators are another popular method for beginners. Some experts swear by these tools as well. They remain a popular option for online card games because the software can be downloaded onto the computer. This software runs in the background of the computer to help online players determine their equity to increase their chances of winning the pot.

These calculators do all of the math for players to determine the best odds possible without knowing the opponent’s cards.

Different Poker Games Matter

What type of poker a person is playing matters as well. This is a very important thing to remember when looking up mathematical equations used. For example, a person that is playing Texas Hold ‘Em will use a different formula than a person that is playing five-card stud.

Beginners that would like to become experts at determining this are encouraged to focus on one game at a time. For example, learn the rules for determining the probability for five-card stud before moving on to another game. This will make it easier to learn them. Players that attempt to learn all the different methods and rules at once often feel confused and mix up formulas, hurting their chances of winning the pot instead of increasing them.

Poker equity often seems complicated to beginners, but it is essential for anyone that plans to take playing seriously. Players that would like to earn money playing are encouraged to follow these tips to enjoy a larger bankroll.


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